USAOCTA Certification is Free and Easy

USAOCTA Certification is Free and Easy

Thousands of consumers trust United States Association of Certified Title Agents research reports and reviews when searching for their next Title Agent and we recommend certified members to every visitor to our site.

Annual USAOCTA certification is free and we do not charge for any of the daily leads and recommendations we provide.

We can approve most new members within 24 hours and your business report will reflect your certified status.

Members who pass certification may proudly display our Trusted seal on their website to show customers they are committed to customer safety and security and value their business.

Why Wait? Our application only takes about 5 minutes to submit.

Show Customers You Are A True Professional

Earn Certified by USAOCTA Status

Show your customers you care about their satisfaction and security by passing USAOCTA standards


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Thousands of Potential Clients Trust USAOCTA to Find Their Next Title Agent

In 5 Minutes We Could Be Recommending You!


Lifetime Certification is Free and There Are No Monthly Fees

Lifetime Certification by the United States Association of Certified Title Agents includes use of our trusted seal on your website and lifetime free quote requests in your area free of charge.

We do charge a nominal one time application fee of $49.97 to research your company and verify your license and business information. If you do not pass verification, this charge will be refunded.

Includes 30 Days Free of Our Premium Marketing and Reputation Protection Service

Our Premium service removes any unverified negative reviews from your report page and markets your business to thousands of local customers to keep your phones ringing.

Free quote requests received will be sent to you instantly and your business will be recommended to customers searching for a Title Agent or researching a competitor.

The service also includes a free scan of your website with our industry leading security scanning software to scan your website for security issues and penetration vulnerabilities that can be taken advantage of by hackers attempting to steal sensitive information.

If for any reason your business does not receive more phone calls and more customers from this service, simply cancel the Premium Marketing and Reputation Service and you will still keep your lifetime certification for life.

If you feel the Premium Marketing and Reputation Protection Service is of value to your business, this optional service will automatically renew at only $14.97 per month.

Cancel The Premium Service at Any Time and Still Keep Your Lifetime Certification